Mum and Me

Mum, Dad & Me Booklet

Moorefield Camogie and Hurling are introducing a new initiative  ‘Mum, Dad and Me’. Mums and dads are trained in a new camogie/ hurling skill each week and join their children for the later part of the session.

The programme entails a 1-hour session weekly. The first 40 minutes of the session the parents will stay at one side of the field learning the skills of camogie/ hurling and learning how to coach them, while the children are at the other side of the pitch also learning skills and playing fun games. The final 20 minutes involves the parents and children combining, with the parents teaching the children the new skills that they had learned that night.
Week 1: Grip & Swing

Week 2: Dribbling

Week 3: Roll Lift / Jab Lift

Week 4: Face Catch

Week 5: Shoulder Clash

Week 6: Strike from the Hand


If anyone wishes to participate or would like further information please contact Annemarie on 086-1775748.

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