Féile Skills 2012

Skill List



  • Six sliotars are placed on the 20metre line 4 metres apart.
  • Players must run to and strike on the ground from alternate sides. The sliotar must travel a distance of 20 metres.


Score: 5 points per sliotar.

Total Score: 30 points.




  • Three sliotars are placed on 45 metre line as follows:
  • (1) Centre of goals (2) 10 metres to the right of centre and (3) 10 metres to left of centre.
  • Sliotar must be struck over the bar.


Score: 3 points for striking and 7 points for scoring.

Total score: 30 points.



Goal Centre

  • Four sliotars are placed on the 20 metre line, 8 metres apart as shown.
  • Players must jab lift the sliotar into the hand and strike it on the run to pass over the bar from the right side.
  • When the player has completed the first part of this skill four more sliotars are placed on the 20 metre line as above and the player strikes the sliotar from the left side.


Score: 10 points per sliotar right and left side.

Total Score: 80 points.


NB. It is permissable for the player to commence striking the sliotar on her left side provided she strikes the second lot of sliotar on her right side. No points are allocated if the sliotar does not pass over the bar




  • Two sliotars are placed on the 45 metre line, ten metres either side of centre.
  • Player runs from 50 metre line, jab lifts the ball on to her stick without handling it and solos forward.
  • Before reaching the outside of the flag on the 30 metre line, she takes the ball in her hand and strikes it from her right into the empty net.
  • The player strikes the second ball from her left.


Score: 15 points per goal scored.

Total Score: 30 points.





  • Players must strike four sliotars from the hand from the end line.
  • Distance is measured from first bounce.
  • If end line is crossed prior to striking the sliotar that puck is null and void.


Score: Up to 60 metres, 5 points per sliotar.

60-70 metres 10 points.

Over 70 metres 15 points.


Total Score: 60 points.


OVERALL SCORE (maximum) – 230


1st, 2nd and 3rd places awarded

NOTE: Player with the highest score at end of the competition will be the winner.

In the event of players ending level on points, skill 2 will be repeated.

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