Senior League 2020- Cancelled


Round 1        
22/23rd March Kill     Broadford
6:30pm Leixlip     Athy
  Kilcock     Rathcoffey/Straffan
  Celbridge 2     Moorefield 1
  Cappagh Bye    
Round 2        
29th/30th March Moorefield 1     Rathcoffey/Straffan
6:30pm Kilcock     Athy
  Leixlip     Kill
  Cappagh     Broadford
  Celbridge 2 Bye    
Round 3        
6th April Athy     Cappagh
7.30pm Rathcoffey/Straffan     Broadford
  Celbridge 2     Leixlip
  Moorefield 1     Kilcock
  Kill Bye    
Round 4        
13th April Kilcock     Celbridge 2
7.30pm Leixlip     Rathcoffey /Straffan
  Broadford     Athy
  Cappagh     Kill
Round 5        
20th April Rathcoffey/Straffan     Kill
7.30pm Celbridge 2     Cappagh
  Moorefield 1     Broadford
  Kilcock     Leixlip
  Athy Bye    
Round 6        
24th April Leixlip     Mooorefield 1
7.30pm Broadford     Celbridge 2
  Cappagh     Rathcoffey/Straffan
  Kill     Athy
  Kilcock Bye    
Round 7        
27th April Celbridge 2     Athy
7.30pm Moorefield 1     Kill
  Kilcock     Cappagh
  Leixlip     Broadford
  Rathcoffey/Straffan Bye    
Round 8        
4th May Broadford     Kilcock
  Cappagh     Moorefield 1
  Kill     Celbridge 2
  Athy     Rathcoffey/Straffan
  Leixlip Bye    
Round 9        
11th May Cappagh     Leixlip
  Kill     Kilcock
  Athy     Moorefield
  Rathcoffey/Straffan     Celbridge 2
  Broadford Bye    
Finals 17th May      
Div 2 Co-Ordinator is Annette Corcoran.  Text results and Referee’s name to Annette on 0879558318
Adult League Div 3 is 13 aside, can play with 10 match down to 11. Competition rules apply.
Score Difference will apply.Straight Finals 
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