Féile 2019



Feile B – Venue Moorefield GAA

Teams to be on the pitch for 12.15 sharp.

4 teams to play round robin.  15 mins per half as per national rules.

No semi final.  Top 2 teams into final to keep within the playing time guidelines.

See attached rules if teams end up on equal points.

Feile B Sunday 14th April 2019
Venue – Moorefield 12.15pm Start
St Laurences
Time Pitch Results Results Winning Team Referee
12.15 Pitch 1 Athy v Clane Liz Graham
12.15 Pitch 2 Moorefield v St. Laurences Fidelma Dowdall
12.55 Pitch 1 Clane v Moorefield Liz Graham
12.55 Pitch 2 St. Laurences v Athy Fidelman Dowdall
1.35 Pitch 1 Athy V Moorefield Liz Graham
1.35 Pitch 2 Clane V St. Laurences Fidelma Dowdall
Final Pitch 1 1st place Results Results 2nd place Referee
2.30 v Fidelma Dowdall
15 minutes a side with 3 minute turn around.
2pt for a win 1 pt for a draw.  Score difference will decide placing. Top 2 teams into Final.
Final end in a draw a period of extra time of 10 minutes (2x5mins) to be played.
See full list of Kildare Feile Rules


Player Attire

In general it is encouraged that all teams should wear full team kit including skorts. However, priority is on players getting games and players will not be stopped playing if not wearing skorts.

Outside of the County or a club representing Kildare will be expected to have skorts.

Substitutions are same as championship 5 per match – we have no limit on squad size in Kildare but a player who plays feile A is not eligible to play Feile B or C

National competition is 24 per panel.

General Tournament Rules

  • The decision of the tournament co-ordinator is final
  • Times of matches may be subject to change
  • Feile is played under full Camogie rules.
  • Feile is for girls who were over 10 years and under 14 years on December 31st 2018
  • Feile A —15 a side on a full pitch (however must match down to minimum of 12)
  • Feile B —13 a side on a full pitch (however must match down to minimum of 12)
  • Feile C—13 a side on a reduced pitch (however must match down to minimum of 11)
  • A maximum of 5 substitutes are allowed per match ( Referee must be informed )
  • Feile A, B and C Rd  games will be of shortend duration and in blitz format. The Fixtures Committee will issue the exact timings at least 2 days prior to throw in.
  • Rd matches to be played on a league basis
    • 2 pts for a win  1 pt for a draw
  • Feile A & B – 4 teams, Top 2 teams into final.
  • Feile C – Top 2 in Group play semi finals, winners go to final
  • In the event of teams finishing on equal points the following rules apply

*Two teams level

  • The winners of the original match between the teams qualify
  • If that result was a draw then a playoff of 10 minutes duration (2×5 mins)to be played.
  • If still level a  period of extra time to be played with the first team to register a score declared the winners

* Three or more teams level

  • Score difference will decide the 2 teams to go into semi final
  • If a playoff/Semi-Final or Final ends in a draw a period of extra time of 10 minutes duration (2x 5mins) to be played
  • If the teams are still level a further period of extra time to be played with the first team to register a score declared the winner.
  • Only 3 mentors  (named) one of which is a first aider, from each team will be allowed on the pitch. Supporters will not be allowed stand on the goal line
  • Team sheets to be submitted in advance of competition to fixtures committee coordinator present – a maximum of 24 players can be named;
  • In the event of any team withdrawals the county officers reserve the right to alter the structure and draw of the competition
  • The coordinator will only accept the score from the referee. The appointed coordinator will have the final say in any disputes.

Fixtures Committee, 2019

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