Under- 16 2018


Round Date Home Team Score Score Away Team Referee’s Name
Round 1 30th March Maynooth / Straffan Celbridge
7pm Donard the Glen Raharney
Moorefield Naas
Round 2 4th April Naas Raharney
7pm Celbridge Donard the Glen
Maynooth / Straffan Moorefield
Round 3 11th April Naas Donard the Glen
7pm Maynooth  / Straffan Raharney
Celbridge Moorefield
Round 4 18th April Naas Celbridge
7pm Moorefield Raharney
Donard the Glen Maynooth / Straffan
Round 5 25th April Moorefield Donard the Glen
7pm Celbridge Raharney
Naas Maynooth / Straffan
Semi Final 2nd May
Final 13th May
Div 1 Group 1 Co-Ordinator is Kieran Ryan.  Text results and Referee’s name to Kieran on 0876879566
Div 1 is 15 aside.  Competition rules apply.
Straight Finals, Score Difference will apply if necessary


Kildare Camogie 2018, Competition Rules

U14, u16, Adult Leagues

  1. All games to be played under rules of Camogie Association
  2. Results and the name of the referee are to be sent by text to the designated competition co-ordinator within 24hrs of match by both teams.
  3. For Adult League: In the event of a tie for positions to qualify for finals the preferable option is for a play off to be held to decide finishing places. However, if time does not permit this, then placing will be decided by score difference.
  4. If Semi final/play offs ends in a draw 20 Minutes (10minutes per half) extra time is to be played,
  5. All fixtures must be played on or before the appointed date unless a pitch is unplayable / unavailable or there is club bereavement. If home pitch is unavailable / unplayable the game is to be played in opposition pitch or neutral venue by agreement with the fixtures committee.
  6. Any team that forfeits more than one game in a competition will not be eligible to take part in the knock out stages
  7. Any team that forfeits a game will be deducted 2 points and the other team awarded 2 points. An explanation must be provided to Fixtures Committee by each club.
  8. First team Listed on Fixtures has home fixture and pays referee fee for all Rd Games.
  9. For Playoff s & Qtr. Finals & Semi Finals &Finals – First Team Listed has home Fixture (except for Finals). Home team organises the referee, but the fee for the referee should be split evenly between both clubs involved in the Match.
  10. For Competitions run on a single, round robin, league basis, and teams finish on equal points at the end of the rounds competition and one or more teams can progress to the next phase of the competition then score difference will apply in the first instance.
  11. Overall score difference is determined by scores against deducted from scores for in every game played in the group. Scores for and against teams who conceded a game or games in the group will be fully disregarded in determining overall score difference. The team with the highest net result progresses.
  12. If teams remain on equal ranking after (a) above then a play-off game will take place to determine who progresses. Extra time will apply

This will also apply to u14 and u16 competitions. If time permits a play off game can be arranged, but this will be decided by the Fixtures committee.

  1. All Finals in all competitions will have venue and referee organised by County Fixtures Committee
  2. Referees can only be appointed from the list of referees provided by Kildare Camogie Board.
  3. All teams must present to the Referee 2 copies of their team sheets for each match – one copy for the referee and one copy for the opposing team. The team sheet should be on an official team sheet template.
  4. In Adult Leagues: Referee to be appointed by home team from the referee list supplied by Kildare Camogie Board; referee cannot be from the home club.

In Underage Leagues:  Referee to be appointed by the home team from the referee list supplied by Kildare Camogie Board. A Neutral Referee is recommended but not absolutely necessary.

  1. For Adult Leagues: No fixture changes are permitted unless notified in writing at least one week in advance and agreed in writing and sanctioned by the fixtures committee. Club Secretaries should contact the competition co-ordinator or the chair of the fixtures committee with such notifications.
  2. For u13 / u14/ u15/u16 / Minor competitions where a match is being postponed or re-fixed the following applies;
    1. All fixtures stand unless agreed otherwise by the Fixtures Committee. Fixtures can be played before the fixed date if mutually agreed by both teams and notified to the competition co-ordinator.
    2. Both teams must notify in writing to the competition co-ordinator as soon as possible but no later than 24 hrs before the fixed time.
    3. Both teams must attempt to propose a re-fix date to the Fixtures Committee and inform in writing the competition co-ordinator.
    4. Both teams must inform the competition coordinator in writing the reason for the match not going ahead as scheduled and each team must indicate whether they were in a position to field a team despite the fact that the match was not played as fixed.
  1. Any fixtures issues to be e-mailed by Club Secretaries to Fixtures Secretary (no phone calls) – (Kieran_ryan2@hotmail.com )
  2. Adult League / Championship Div 1/Senior is 15 aside. Teams must match down to 13. The minimum a team can start with is 12 players

Adult Championship Div 2/Intermediate, Div 3/Junior A are 13 a side. Teams must match down to 11. The minimum a team can start with is 10 players. If both teams agree 15 a side can be played.

  1. Numbers of players for the underage Leagues accompany the fixture list
  2. All clubs must abide by the code of ethics and child protection guidelines at all times as set out by the Camogie Association. Failure to do so will be dealt with by Kildare Camogie Board. Clubs are reminded that there may be minors on either team & must behave in a manner accordingly.
  3. All clubs are responsible for their sideline behaviour and any misconduct will be dealt with by the Kildare Camogie board.
Div 1 2018 (2 groups)

Group 1

(1) Celbridge

(2) Maynooth /Straffan

(3) Rathcoffet / Cappagh

(4) Raharney


Group 2

(5) Naas

(6) Athy / St laurences

(7) Moorefield

(8) Donard the Glen


Rd 1 – 30th March (Friday)

Rd 2 – 4th April

Rd 3 – 11th April

Rd 4 – 18th April

Rd 5 – 25th April

Semi – 2nd May

Final – 13th May


Division 1 : 15 aside, can play with 12, match down to 13

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