Under 12 Go Games 2017

U12 Go Games Fixtures / Blitzes 



8 teams : AvB, CvD, EvF, GvH, then AvG, CvF, EvD, FvH – Each game ( 2 halves of 15 mins ) overall 60 mins per team

7 teams : AvB, CvD, EvF, G idle then AvG, CvF, EvD, F idle, then FvG – Each game ( 2 halves of 15 mins ) overall 60 mins per team

6 teams : AvB , CvD, EvF, then BvD, CvE, AvF. Each game ( 2 halves of 15 mins ) overall 60 mins per team

5 teams : AvB,CvD, E idle : then BvD, CvE, A idle, then AvE. Each game ( 2 halves of 15 mins) overall 60 mins per team

4 teams: AvB, CvD, then AvC , BvD: Each game ( 2 halves of 12 mins or 4 quarters of 6 mins ) overall 48 mins per team

( if only 3 teams are at a venue , AvB , then BvC finally AvC, AvB. Each game ( 2 halves of 15 mins ) overall 60 mins per team


Sun Apr 9th Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5
Rd 1          
A ( HOST ) Moorefield Clane Naas Eire Og Kilcock
St Laurences Maynooth Celbridge JTB Cappagh
Athy Rathcoffey An Nás Broadford Leixlip
Nurney Straffan Kill Sallins
Larries Claonadh CillDroichead Ardclough
Maigh Nuad Nás na Riogh



U12 Skill for Round 1 The Hook


Further fixtures to follow ASAP


2017 Kildare Camogie u6, 8, 10 & 12 Go Games Fixtures and Blitzes


Summary of Dates


Sunday Apr 2nd – U6 and U10 ( hosted at same & extra venues )

Sunday Apr 9th – U8 and U12 ( hosted at same venues )

Friday Apr 14th – U8

Sunday Apr 16th – U6

Wednesday Apr 19th – U8

Sunday Apr 30th – U6

Friday May 5th – U8

Sunday May 14th – U6

Sunday May 21st – U8

Sunday May 28th – U6


Remaining dates and fixtures to follow for u10 & u12



Summary of Rules: Please Note

  • All teams should make every effort to meet the fixture list, in the interest of promoting camogie among the young players, with your own club and for the clubs that you are paired with on a given day. Should you not have a full team, even if you are very short on players, please bring your girls and they can mix in with another club to get games.
  • Teams please give 48/72 hours notice if possible should you not be able to attend a blitz.
  • All Sunday Go Games blitzes are fixed to commence at 2.30pm (if pitches are available in the morning, you can arrange it for the morning time and communicate that to the visiting clubs). On Wednesdays & Fridays, 6.30pm will be the starting time (assuming pitches are available at this time). Clubs should communicate fully and as early as possible to prevent problems. Times are flexible, but please communicate them early
  • Hosting club responsible for arranging referees when they are hosting (please encourage your own young refs).
  • Clubs should ensure that refs are shown utmost respect (encourage young refs (or qualified Go Games refs if possible) and prevent poor example in front of young players. €1 per player should be given by each team to the host club to be divided between the referees, participating clubs are responsible for paying the refs through the hosting club.
  • Please refer to Go Games Guidelines for team sizes, pitch sizes and IN PARTICULAR THE USE OF ZONES
  • A “Skill of the Round” will be used at the u6s,u8s and first blitzes of u10s &u12s, hosting club will make all aware of it on day.. Clubs should also bring a set of bibs to avoid clashing colours etc.
  • Most blitzes are co-hosted, to allow families watch their children etc. and to allow club mentors flexibility. If Go Games pitches need to be adjusted to fit (or staggered timetables used), the necessary adjustments should be made.
  • A max. third set of games can be played at any blitz venue between teams that haven’t played each other that day, if agreed.
          (There is a suggested format for each age group listed, that can be deviated from if necessary).


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