Under-11 2014


2014 U11 GO GAMES

Rd. 1 – Sun 31 August

Rd. 2 – Friday 05 September

Rd. 3 – Monday 08 September

Rd.4 –  Friday 12 September

Rd.5 – Friday 19 September

Finals Day – Sunday 12 October

Competition Rules

Given the limitations of the darkening evenings and travelling to venues as we proceed into the Autumn, each team will play one match per night, of 40 mins duration (20 mins per half). All games will be played in the spirit of the Go Games policy http://www.camogie.ie/files/GO%20Games%202014%20policy%20doc.pdf

and, very importantly, under the Go Games rules


(Most importantly, please note that ball may be hopped once on the hurl only, soloing isn’t permitted. Also, the ball can be kicked once only but not in succession; host clubs should ensure that the referees are aware of this before each game).

Whilst we would like to see games played on the above dates, games can be played in the same week by agreement of both teams on an alternative date. It is essential that slippage into subsequent weeks doesn’t appear.

Teams will be 11 aside (min of 9 per team, other team must match), small sided pitch and goals suitable for u11s. Team sheets should be submitted.

Who won/drew/lost (rather than a scoreline) in a game will be reported in to the co-ordinators (co-ordinators contact numbers will be forwarded) for the purposes of grouping teams in Finals Day blitz. Unlike the u12 mini-leagues, the Finals Day will be run in a blitz format with no actual “Finals” or cups/shields etc. Scoring difference is unimportant and, indeed, every effort should be made to ensure that games are competitive and are not one-sided.

Silent sidelines should be encouraged and under no circumstances should adults argue/ complain/ dispute any decisions of referees, particularly young referees; good example should be shown to the girls at all times. It is most important that everyone enjoys the games.


Round 1 – Sunday, 21st August 2014

Athy v Eire Og

Blackwood v Clane

Broadford v Leixlip

Coill Dubh v JTB

Kilcock v Straffan

Maigh Nuad v Rathcoffey

Maynooth v Cappagh

Moorefield v Nurney

Naas v Celbridge

Nás Na Riogh v Cill Droichead

Round 2 – Friday, 05th September 2014

Blackwood v Nás Na Riogh

Cappagh v JTB

Coill Dubh v An Nás

Kilcock v Broadford

Leixlip v Clane

Maigh Nuad v Celbridge

Maynooth v Cill Droichead

Moorefield v Athy

Nurney v St.Laurences

Naas v Eire Og

Straffan v Rathcoffey


2014 U11 GO GAMES

Round 3 – Monday, 08th September 2014

An Nás v Athy

Blackwood v Eire Og

Broadford v Maigh Nuad

Celbridge v Leixlip

Cill Droichead v Kilcock

Clane v Straffan

JTB v Maynooth

Moorefield v Coill Dubh

Naas v Nurney

Rathcoffey v Cappagh

St.Laurences v Nás Na Riogh

Round 4 – Friday, 12th September 2014

Athy v St.Laurences

Cappagh v Celbridge

Cill Droichead v Straffan

Clane v Maigh Nuad

Coill Dubh v Naas

Eire Og v An Nás

Leixlip v JTB

Maynooth v Kilcock

Nás Na Riogh v Moorefield

Nurney v Blackwood

Rathcoffey v Broadford

2014 U11 GO GAMES

Round 5 – Friday, 19th September 2014

Athy v Naas

Blackwood v An Nás

Broadford v Cill Droichead

Celbridge v Rathcoffey

Eire Og v Coill Dubh

JTB v Clane

Kilcock v Cappagh

Maigh Nuad v Leixlip

Nás Na Riogh v Nurney

St. Laurences v Moorefield

Straffan v Maynooth

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