Under 11 2012


Summary of Go Games Dates for u9s and u11s (hosted at same venues):-        

Sun 19 August

Fri  24 August

Fri  07 September     

Fri  21 September     

Sun 30 September                                        

Sun 07 October


Summary of Rules: Please Note

–          All teams should make every effort to meet the fixture list, in the interest of promoting camogie among the young players, with your own club and for the clubs that you are paired with on a given day. Should you not have a full team, even if you are very short on players, please bring your girls and they can mix in with another club to get games.

–          All Go Games blitzes are fixed to commence at 10am on Sundays or 6pm on Fridays (if those times are varied by the host club e.g. due to pitch availability, or for any other factors, then the hosting club should notify the other scheduled teams for that venue and this should be arranged and agreed. Clubs should communicate fully and as early as possible to prevent problems – remember, inter-club communication is key to the successful running of the blitzes.

–          Hosting club responsible for arranging referees when they are hosting (please encourage your own young refs).

–          Clubs should ensure that refs are shown utmost respect (encourage young refs and prevent poor example in front of young players)

–          A “Skill of the Round” will be used at each blitz, hosting club will make all aware of it on day, see page 4 of this doc. for the listing

–          €1 per player should be collected by each team to give to the host club to be divided between the referees/ participating clubs are responsible for paying the refs through the hosting club

–          U9s and u11s are co-hosted, to allow families watch their children etc. and to allow club mentors flexibility. Go Games pitch sizes can be adjusted to fit if this is deemed to be necessary at any venue/ games can be timetabled on the day to allow all games to be played.

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