Championship Finalists 2012

Round 1   Cappagh 1-1 vs. Moorefield 5-8 16th July

Round 2   Athy 5-7 vs. Moorefield 0-7 22nd August

Round 3   Moorefield 6-5 vs. Celbridge 4-3 29th August

Round 4   Moorefield 11-5 vs. Cappagh 0-0 5th September

Round 5   Moorefield 3-4 vs. Athy 3-9  12th September

Round 6   Celbridge 1-5 vs. Moorefield 2-6  16th September


Sunday 30th September

Moorefield vs. Athy (Winners)

1pm in Clane

Top 2 play final

Final in Clane

Co-ordinator Joan Cummins  087-7587662

Competition Rules Championship – 2012

  1. All games to be played under rules of Camogie Association
  2. Results to be sent to competition co-ordinator within 24hrs of match by winning team and in the event of a draw the winning team. Correct scores must be submitted to the co-ordinations who in turn will inform the county fixtures secretary of this result.
  3. Kildare Camogie board to be supplied with a list of team managers names and phone number 7 days before the first round of championship.
  4. Teams level on points a play off will decide.
  5. If Semi final/play offs ends in a draw 10mins extra time is to be played, If a draw match in the Final a replay is to be scheduled.
  6. All fixtures must be played on or before the appointed date unless a pitch is unplayable / unavailable or there is a club bereavement. If home pitch is unavailable / unplayable the game is to be played in opposition pitch or neutral venue by agreement with the fixtures secretary
  7. Bereavement cases will be looked at individually,
  8. First team has home fixture and pays referee.
  9. Referee to be appointed by home team from the referee list supplied by Kildare Camogie Board.
  10. It is recommended €40 fee for referee.
  11. No fixture changes unless agreed and sanctioned by the fixtures secretary or county board executive. The county board executive reserve the right to alter fixtures if necessary.
  12. Any fixtures issues to be e-mailed only to Kildare Camogie e-mail, no phone calls please.
  13. Senior, Intermediate and Junior A are 15 a side, a team may start with 12 and opposition do not have to play below 13 players. If a team cannot field 12 players then the opposition will be awarded the match.
  14. Junior B North and South and C   championship are13 a side. A team can play with 11 and matched by the opposition, however if a team only has 10 players the opposition can play 11. If both teams agree 15 a side can be played. If a team has less than 10 players the match will be awarded to the opposition.
  15. All clubs must abide by the code of ethics and child protection at all times as set out by the Camogie Association. Failure to do so will be dealt with by Kildare Camogie Board.
  16. All clubs are responsible for their sideline behaviour and any misconduct will be dealt with by the Kildare Camogie board.
  17. Team lists must be handed to the referee on or before half time .
  18. Fixtures may have to be altered due to the progression of our county teams in their respective competitions. Ladies football fixtures were also unavailable  when drawing up Camogie championship fixtures.


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