Under 15 League 2011

U 15 League

Division 2 – 13 a side

Top two teams play in cup

3rd & 4th play in Shield


Division 2

Sun 28th August   Rd 1

Eire Og  v Broadford

Rathcoffey  v  Kill

Athy/Moorefield bye

Time: 11am


Wed 31st August  Rd 2

Broadford  v  Rathcoffey

Kill  v  Athy/Moorefield

Eire Og bye

Time: 7pm


Wed 7th Sept        Rd 3

Athy/Moorefield 0-1 v  Broadford 2-1

Rathcoffey  v  Eire Og

Kill bye

Time: 7pm



Wed 14th Sept      Rd 4

Broadford  v  Kill

Eire og 3-2 v  Athy/Moorefield 1-1   6 .30pm

Rathcoffey bye

Time: 7pm


Sun 25th Sept       Rd 5

Athy/Moorefield  v  Rathcoffey

Kill  v  Eire Og

Broadford bye

Time: 11am


Sun 9th October                  Cup & Shield Finals

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